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Languages: English / German
Playtime: 4-6 hours


The story takes part in two different worlds.

One of them is the world we all live in. So does Josh together with his brother Alex and their father. Josh loves video games and books and isn't much interested in his own reality.

One day Josh finds a game in a small shop. It has no real cover and only one word is written on the CD-case. Erayu - the games title. He takes the game home and starts playing.


The games world was once reigned by an immortal princess. But one day she disappeared and so seems the light. Some places in that world have fallen into darkness and more followed soon. One, who gets into that darkness never returns; not alive nor dead. As if he never existed.


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More information

Published1 year ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date1 year ago
AuthorLucy Fox
Tags2D, Fantasy, ghosts, Magic, mind-bending, Pixel Art, Point & Click, RPGMaker, Singleplayer, Top-Down
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesGerman, English


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English Version v. 1.1.2
Deutsche Version v. 1.0.4
Deutsche Version v. 1.0.4 (Mac / Wine)
English Version v. 1.1.2 (Mac / Wine)


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Was this made in RPG Maker MV?

With RPG Maker XP :3

I see. Well have you ever thought of doing a remake in RPG Maker MV? Or VX Ace?

No. I see no reason for that.... would just be ton of work with no use xD

Well I wouldn't mind if we remade it in VX Avve first. Then I can port it over to MV. A but of work yes, but I bet it'll be worth it in the end right?

Okay... what's with the we?
It's my game and I don't inted to port it anywhere... especially not so strangers can port it somewhere else...

And NO! It wouldn't be worth it! Absolutely nothing about the game would change with the engine. There is absolutely no sense behind this! O_o

No worries hehe. Sorry about that. IT was just an idea was all.

i just started playing the game but..

i think it would be better using arrows instead of a mouse tho :3

im not used to use a mouse hahaha.

plus.. how do i do fullscreen usually its f4 but oh well.

Believe me. It wouldn't. ;D

I tested a lot with the controls and I'm still enhancing them. (It's not finished yet though). But for this type of game, keyboard would be horrible. :(

Fullscreen is Alt+Enter :)

k thanks.

nice game tho.

i tried making a game i died 999999999999999 times even before opening rpg maker lol.

cuz im lazy.

Yeah, making games is hard. You need a lot of time and patience.. XD

I hope you'll like the rest :3

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Hey, your game looks great! I'd like to play the german version of the game. Is the german version 1.0.4 outdated compared to the english version 1.1.2?

(Edited 2 times)

No no :)
The English version was just updated more often, because I got some fixes for the translation.
But besides this they are are equal. Sorry for the confusion ⌒.⌒

Ah ok, thank you. :)


I just finished it. Aww man, all those feels! Easily one of my favorite RPG Maker games!


°w° Thank you so much!
It makes me happy to hear that. <3


Just downloaded it and started playing. Really cool!