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Erayu Enhanced Edition

Hey there my dear followers! ^w^/)

I'm still working on this game. I know... you may think: "But, Lucy! This is a complete game already!".

Er... yeah. It is. But!

I learned sooo so much in the past few years. I got tons (not as much as I would like though ;P ) of feedback and am now able to improve some aspects of the game where I previously either lacked the knowledge or the ideas to make them better.

So I'm currently working on an enhanced edition of the game.

This will not only include lot's of technical improvements, but also lots of revamped dialogues and also some completely overhauled scenes. Some chapters will even be made completely from scratch and an additional chapter will also be included. And at the end... the end will also get a huge revamp, cause I never was really satisfied with the way it turned out.

The downside is... I don't work very frequently on it. Mostly when I get a sudden motivation boost or just a few hours here and there. So it will take a while until the new version is finished. For now the first 3 chapters are done. (up to - and Including - the whole forest part).


I don't even know why I even made this page. *sigh*
I probably thought people might be interested in the stuff I make... Anyway... I'm not here to moan. XD
If you really like my games and want to see more stuff (even in new engines!) consider to take a look.

If you don't want to pledge anything... I'm going to release lots of non-Patron-only stuff too. So go there and check the page out. (It was also lots of fun to write the reward texts. You should read them. xD )

I guess that's all. Stay tuned and be patient. New stuff will come... someday.

Until then... have some fun! ^u^/)

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