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As good as this looks all my systems on my computer are telling me his is a virus so i'm not gonna download it.


Urgh, the point & click gameplay is not practical at all, RPG Maker was not designed for this type of gameplay, it doesn't like it, it resists, it doesn't go smooth at all, so why can't I use my keyboard or my game controller to play this game? Why does it only support mouse?

I agree.

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Alt + Enter

I'm kinda slow. Everyone got the ending already? It's easier if it has taskbar. I mean, yeah... I'm lost. And when I tried to save it, I only can use slot 2 and 4? Is it just me?

The English Mac version is 404 on Google Drive?


Stardew Valley Flair.


Just finished Erayu and it was amazing! The story was very well done :)


Mac User here, sadly, I couldn't download it but I'll definitely try it on my Windows laptop later :) 

Is there a possible android port anytime? Cause, damn, I really want to play this but I only have an android phone.


Wow... I just got to the ending... And all I can say is that the game was just amazing. Thank you for this awesome game, it's great story and all the emotions that came with it.

The game won't play.  When I click Launch, it only goes to an installer and downloads a bunch of mp3s and stuff. How do I start the playable game?

If it is still relevant (or for anyone else who has this problem): Go to the folder with the game, there is 1 exe file (the installer) and a folder with the actual game. Open that folder and run Erayu.exe


Hello! I need help some here and there something wrong with the combine. I try combine a stick and fishing line  but Yuk said: that makes no sense, no, ??? and why?. it support  to make toy for Little fluffy and second is where exactly the Nail??

Please Help!! (TT~TT)


it worked for me >.< wach my lp maybe it can help  you also need a lolypop


I already had Loliball


talk to Oreyn to carv in the stick and to have a stick with hole and then use the fishing line :) hope it helped


Do you know where can i save data?


how to save in the game? just pres ESC and it will show a save tile..there are only 4  and use the mouse for everything

I love your game so far :) cant wait to finish it

Hi there. I was wondering if you were going to release the working English version for Mac. Would really love to play this game ^-^

Sadly the version here is the only one I have... I don't own a Mac myself and have no idea how it works..
A forum member made that version for me and for some it works... for others it seems it doesn't. *sigh*
I also lost contact with him... so... meh... sorry.  :(

Aww. That's sad. I understand though

There is a way to play it on a Mac. When you download the thing I just double-clicked on the application, looked inside the package. Went into the MacOS folder, and clicked on the green and black block.

Hello! I'm a Mac user and I managed to download your game. I'm enjoying it so far, the music and atmosphere of it is great! But unfortunately I'm stuck at a puzzle. I can't rotate the blue stones for the stone puzzle that lets me get close to the crystal heart in the cave.  Can you help me in what I need to do?

While you hover a stone press the space key (or the middle mouse button, but Mac doesn't has those I think o_o)

I used the space key and it worked! Thank you!

I did a full play through so check out my channel for the whole thing. I post a video every Friday. Also, I was wondering if my friend could draw Fluff McFluffin in her own style so I could use it as my "creature" icon. Like how Jacksepticeye has Sam the Septic Eye and Markiplier has Tiny Box Tim. I hope that will be ok, but I'll wait on your approval before I do anything. Have a good day!

Oh cool. I'll definitely take a look. :D

And sure. Go ahead. I'm honored you want it. XD

A nice day to you too :3


Thank You!!!! <3 :

I have a Mac and tried to download the English version, but it won't open. It says the product is damaged and can't be opened and then proceeds to move it to trash. Really want to play this game because it looks amazing!!

i can't seem to open it

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I need a little more info than that. :D

First: Is it the Windows Version or the Mac Version?
If it's Mac I sadly can't help, cause I didn't make that version and sadly also have no contact anymore with the person who did it. :(

If it is Windows: Did you unpack it? Have you double clicked the Erayu.exe?
Also update all your drivers. 

Do you get any error message? And if so, which one? I found something for (I think Win10 or 8). maybe that helps.

it's a mac but thanks anyway

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hi, I love your game!!! but as I was recording it to put on YouTube, I think my game bugged out. At the part where the little ghost girl makes those roots under the water in the swamp and we can put down stones to make a bridge, it just laid down two stones and now I cant do anything. And my last save was two hours ago. I'm 4 and a half hours into this game. I hope you can help me with this problem!

Nevermind, I went back and speedran the past two hours and it works.


I'm sorry to hear that. :(
That is an issue that happens very rarely and I haven't found a way to prevent or even reproduce it so far. -___-

I hope I get it fixed for the enhanced edition.

Also feel free to share your video. I'm glad you enjoy it so far. :3

Here's the video and a second episode is coming out on the 12th. I did a full play through so check out my channel for the whole thing. I post a video every Friday. Also, I was wondering if my friend could draw Fluff McFluffin in her own style so I could use it as my "creature" icon. Like how Jacksepticeye has Sam the Septic Eye and Markiplier has Tiny Box Tim. I hope that will be ok, but I'll wait on your approval before I do anything. Have a good day!

Hello! I would love to play your game, but apparently something's gone wrong for the download, and no matter how many times I try, the result is always this:

That's strange... They are all working...
Maybe just try again. The server could have had a hiccup or so.


Yes, it seems that was the case! Thank you, and I'm glad I'll be able to play the game now :D

How do you save?

Hit Esc and then save :3


Great game! I played this last week on stream and really enjoyed the story! Below are highlights from the stream with a quick "first impressions" at the end.

i also have a problem with the statue, i can't find the stone that's like an upside-down "U", i looked at the walkthrough and it just doesn't appear at the place where it should be :c

Mhm... weird. Maybe I haven't updated the location. *sigh* My brain is too much of a mess. T__T
The fastest way to find it, is to just run around and hold Shift. You will see the hint glow then. :3

Hi there! I just started playing your game yesterday, and I love it! It's so cute and fun, and the story is intriguing! I just have a question about the statue in the swamp though. It's after the white-haired character falls asleep until nightfall. I put all five stones in the statue, and then it says that nothing's happening. I've tried using and combining the other items in my inventory, and I've walked around the swamp multiple times to see if anything else would work, but no luck. I'm just stuck.

Hey. Glad to hear you enjoy the game so far. :3

Here is a hint: The statue has a name. And you can find an item that has it written on it.

(there is also a walkthrough inside the game's folder. Might be faster than to wait for an answer. :3 )

Thanks for the hint, I'll try it out! Also, I just checked the game's folder and couldn't find the walkthrough (I downloaded the English Mac version).

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Ah, nevermind! Just finished the game. I'm happy with the ending I picked T_T Such an amazing game!!

Huh, strange. (I didn't make the Mac version, but glad to see it actually works. xD ) I'll upload it separately for future players. Thanks for the notice.

And aaaaaw, thank you. <3

Hello, my name is Mel. I was wondering if I could translate your game into Spanish. If it does not bother you, of course <3

Wow, that would be awesome! °O°
But at the moment I'm making a complete overhaul of the game. (And it will have a loooot of new and different text. D: )
I'm not sure it would be worth to translate the current one....
I'm also not sure how long it will take to finish the enhanced edition though. xD
So... I would recommend to wait until it's finished. °w°

But thanks anyway. I know how much work a translation is and I'm very happy you want to do that.

It's okay, I will wait :D

This is by far my favorite Game of all time.

The Story is beautiful the setting, the music, the characters. OMG i just loved it.

Please keep it up so we can enjoy more of your fabulous games. ♥♥♥♥♥

Naaaaw, thank you so much! <3 Words like this mean a lot to me. :3
I'm making an enhanced edition of the game at the moment. (Will take probably a year to finish though xD ). With a bit more and some refined content. So keep an eye out. :3

Was this made in RPG Maker MV?

With RPG Maker XP :3

I see. Well have you ever thought of doing a remake in RPG Maker MV? Or VX Ace?

No. I see no reason for that.... would just be ton of work with no use xD

Well I wouldn't mind if we remade it in VX Avve first. Then I can port it over to MV. A but of work yes, but I bet it'll be worth it in the end right?

Okay... what's with the we?
It's my game and I don't inted to port it anywhere... especially not so strangers can port it somewhere else...

And NO! It wouldn't be worth it! Absolutely nothing about the game would change with the engine. There is absolutely no sense behind this! O_o

i just started playing the game but..

i think it would be better using arrows instead of a mouse tho :3

im not used to use a mouse hahaha.

plus.. how do i do fullscreen usually its f4 but oh well.

Believe me. It wouldn't. ;D

I tested a lot with the controls and I'm still enhancing them. (It's not finished yet though). But for this type of game, keyboard would be horrible. :(

Fullscreen is Alt+Enter :)

k thanks.

nice game tho.

i tried making a game i died 999999999999999 times even before opening rpg maker lol.

cuz im lazy.

Yeah, making games is hard. You need a lot of time and patience.. XD

I hope you'll like the rest :3

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Hey, your game looks great! I'd like to play the german version of the game. Is the german version 1.0.4 outdated compared to the english version 1.1.2?

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No no :)
The English version was just updated more often, because I got some fixes for the translation.
But besides this they are are equal. Sorry for the confusion ⌒.⌒

Ah ok, thank you. :)


I just finished it. Aww man, all those feels! Easily one of my favorite RPG Maker games!


°w° Thank you so much!
It makes me happy to hear that. <3


Just downloaded it and started playing. Really cool!