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I liked the game but I couldn't find the hints about the bathroom knocking part  XD  where and what was it ?

Hello! Can I translate your game into Russian?

Was this made in VX Ace?

For some reason can't download game. Looks interesting but the download won't work says the requested url doesn't exist.

Hi, I'm currently playing this game but I notice that I can't use the items. When I press shift it doesn't do anything. I tried pressing all my keys but nothing changed. I hope you could help me with that. 


Neat little game! There were a few spelling errors in the English version here and there but it certainly didn't detract from the experience for me. Pretty atmospheric and an enjoyable ghostly tale. Nice job!


I DID IT :D :3

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Wonderful :P :)

Hey!played yor game,it really was good

Oh, cool. I'll watch it. <3